What is a “foolish tree”?
The classic fool is someone who can fly because he doesn’t know it’s impossible. 

The foolish tree grows whatever it wants because we who tend it prefer to believe that anything is possible! 

“We” are Jo Nemoyten and Ian Carruthers, the very dignified married couple who are creator/owner/tenders of the foolish tree. One of them does not usually wear those glasses and one rarely wears hats while the other makes a habit of it.

Ian Carruthers, Owner / Chief Filmmaker


Ian Carruthers Ian has been making movies since he was a kid. Some would say that he never grew up and that explains his present occupation. Supporting his love of the camera is a deep love of a good story and a unique ability to connect with all kinds of people.


When Ian is shooting your film, be ready for more fun than you  ever expected to have with a consummate professional. He’ll do a great job, put everyone involved at ease and leave you thinking about what project you need to do next to promote your business.


Ian has written 3 novels, many short stories and poems and is also a fine actor and comic, plays guitar, sings and writes songs and instrumental music and has been known to paint and wield a mean piece of charcoal. 

Jo Nemoyten, Owner / Chief Cook and Bottle Washer


Jo Nemoyten Jo has extensive experience in the day to day as well as the “big picture” aspects of running an organization from many years as an Executive Assistant for high profile non-profits. She is also a skilled graphic designer, web designer and all around computer and internet geek. In her earlier work life, she was a technician for Intel maintaining test equipment for some of the first personal computer chips and Supervisor of Computer Controls (Willie Wonka) at a large candy and snack food  manufacturer.


The creative arts are also a big part of who she is and what she loves. As a child, she used to entertain the relatives by singing and dancing Shirley Temple numbers and later by playing her violin. She is also a published poet, writer, performer and occasional stand-up comic.